The Leadership Team

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Andrew Ruditser Andrew Ruditser
Andrew Ruditser
Co-Founder & Lead Technology Coordinator
Donny Escolastico Donny Escolastico
Donny Escolastico
Co-Founder & Art Director
Brian Winum Brian Winum
Brian Winum
Digital Marketing Director
Amanda Vigilante Amanda Vigilante
Amanda Vigilante
Lead Account Manager
Andrew Ivanov Andrew Ivanov
Andrew Ivanov
Chief Technology Officer
Jason Sidana Jason Sidana
Jason Sidana
Head of Business Development
Lera Zaitseva Lera Zaitseva
Lera Zaitseva
Lead Web Designer
Justin Singh Justin Singh
Justin Singh
Director of Web Development
Joe Maracic
Joe Maracic
Digital Support Specialist

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Invest in us to help them grow.
Want to tell the world their story.
Are on a mission for major growth.
Expect to make their goals a reality.

A website is at the heart of online branding. It brings every aspect of your business together on the Web. It helps you manage, distribute and share your content more efficiently. Website Design undoubtedly helps you improve your organizations image and build rapport. It’s often the first place to start, whether you’re changing your company’s brand image, launching a new product or you’re aiming for a responsive site.

Our super-talented Long Island and NYC based team consist of web designers, web developers, digital marketing, and project management professionals. We are what we make and we take this statement very seriously so our breakthrough projects are bold that yield best results, revenue and brand value for our clients. It’s web design development that works for you and your online audience.

At MAXBURST, we provide comprehensive website design, development and web marketing services for various-sized businesses and industries. We build anything from responsive website designs for highly recognizable product brands to data-driven Web-based systems. We love to share information so contact us anytime to discuss your project interest.

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